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What is BodyKinect?

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Hello dancers!

A name is an important thing, and today we are sharing the story behind our name with you.

In our name, BodyKinect emphasizes the individual's connection with their own body while also encompassing the way that dance creates a community or kin through collective movement. BodyKinect came about as a way to connect the research from within the field of dance science to those who actually practice dance. That's YOU!

If you aren't already familiar with our work, we strive to create a community of curious and informed dancers. We come from a place that understands dance as an incredibly healing, healthful and wholesome practice. However, we also know that dance can be presented in ways that overlook the wellbeing of the dancers themselves. In our work, we want you to connect with your body in fulfilling ways so that you can get the most out of your practice. 

Whether you wish to learn how to enhance your aerobic fitness, nourish your body, train for a specific performance, or support your mental wellbeing, we are here to connect you with the current research and guide you to attain your goals. Our body of work is about connecting with you and connecting to our movement. 

If you have questions, drop us a message on our Instagram page: @bodykinect_edu

Keep Kinected,

The BodyKinect Team


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