Virtual Training Sessions with Kendall

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Liz, Dancer

I’ve been working with Kendall for over a year now to improve my athletic performance not only for ballet, but my other hobbies as well – horseback riding and running.  Kendall has helped me realize that core strength is the fundamental skill I’m lacking for all these pursuits.  She is excellent at finding cues that make me understand how to find and use muscles that I never even knew existed and pushes me beyond what I think are my limits.  I’ve significantly improved my core strength and am confident that Kendall will help me achieve my athletic goals.

Amber, Dance Parent

Having lessons with Kendall has been absolutely priceless in helping both of my daughters always think about technique. I can see that they are stronger and have more control. Plus their confidence has soared! So thankful for Kendall!

Amanda, Dance Parent

My daughter had the best hold in her passé I've ever seen! Almost 7 seconds!! She actually looks forward to her exercises because she knows it'll help when she goes to do the skill - instead of being bummed when she's not nailing the skill right away without doing the exercises first.


Your first session is when we develop your training plan together.

​In your first session, we will: 

  • Discuss your goals

  • Assess movement patterns

  • Start learning strength & flexibility exercises

  • Apply it to your dance technique

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