personal dance training & education for dancers of all ages


Dancers put themselves at risk of injury every time they step into the studio. Sometimes it takes years of practice for dance technique to be perfected. You can gain strength and flexibility to improve your dance technique with BodyKinect's online training.

DON'T fall behind in class

We provide personal dance science training and education that teaches you about your body and helps you strengthen your dance technique in a fully personalized plan. Unlike other dance training services, BodyKinect teaches you the science behind the dancing from a trained dance science professional.


Why is it important?

Dance science includes a multitude of disciplines related to dance training and performance. Dance science researchers focus on optimizing dance performance via physiology, biomechanics, fitness, psychology, and nutrition. In addition, dance science can include the health and wellbeing of dancers from a holistic perspective. Without dance science, dancers would not have the understanding of their bodies, training principles, safety, or impact of dance on their bodies and minds. Dance science is a fast-growing field of research committed to helping dancers around the world.

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