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1:1 Virtual Training Sessions

with Kendall Baab, MSc

Improve strength, flexibility, and alignment


Increase confidence and body awareness

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Get a personalized training plan


Apply your training to dance technique

Current Available Time Slots:

Thursdays 1pm PDT

Please Note: You can still apply for 1:1 training and be placed on the waitlist if these times do not work for your schedule. If you need to convert to your own time zone, please click here.

1:1 Virtual Sessions are only offered Monday - Friday

How To Sign Up:

Step 1

Submit the 1:1 Training Application

Step 2

Get Accepted as a 1:1 Training Client

Step 3

Book Your Weekly Session Time Slot

Step 4

Get Excited for Your Transformation!

Kendall's sessions are phenomenal. Kendall always checks in with me and asks me about my week. She instructs me on how to properly exercise my body to increase my strength so I can reach my dance goals. She explains every exercise and assigns homework. The dances that we complete in session are added to my training plan so I can continue to practice. In the short time I've been working with Kendall I have already seen amd felt improvements in my dancing.

LaRae Banks, Competitive Dancer

Virtual Training Sessions are for you if...
  • You feel stuck in your dance technique

  • Your teachers corrections don't make sense to you anymore

  • You feel like you're not progressing as much as you want 

  • You keep getting injured & know that your body needs to get stronger

  • Your strength & flexibility is holding you back from learning new skills

  • Are between the ages of 7-16

  • You're a committed individual ready to get to the next level!

Kendall Baab
Meet Your Trainer

As a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and health coach, Kendall brings a holistic approach to dancers' wellbeing and training. Having earned a BA in Dance Science and MSc in Dance Science, her well-rounded knowledge allows her to create training sessions that focus on the whole dancer - mentally and physically. 

Her background in competitive dance and dance science allows her to analyze dance technique and identify potential strengths and weakness in the body. Kendall's 1:1 training sessions include full body workouts with a direct application to specific dance technique such as turns, jumps, or leg extensions. Her mission is not only to help you become a better dancer, but also to improve your body awareness and confidence.

Ready to see BIG results?

Here's what you get when you're a 1:1 training client:

  • One 50-minute session each week via Zoom (Mon-Thurs only)

  • Access to an online portal for easy scheduling and communication with Kendall

  • Custom weekly workout plans specific for your needs

  • Continued support in between sessions

  • A personal login to the BodyKinect app to log your workouts & manage your sessions

  • An initial movement assessment for your skills

Here's How it Works:
  • All 1:1 sessions are 50 minutes in length.

  • Payment is on a 4-week subscription basis of $400 USD (4 sessions per package).

  • Cancelled sessions will roll over to the next month, but must be used within a 30 day expiration period.

  • New clients are subject to a 12-week training commitment. After this, your training commitment will resume to 4-weeks at a time.

  • 30 day notice must be provided to discontinue your subscription and training sessions.

  • BodyKinect enforces a 24 hour cancellation policy for virtual sessions. Any cancellations, no-shows, and reschedules that take place within 24 hours of the scheduled session will result in loss of 1 session for the 4-week period.

  • BodyKinect does not offer semi-private or 1:2 sessions.

Note: If you are concerned about the 50 minute session length for ages 6-8, please indicate this concern on your application.

The Application Process

The application process includes:​

  • Contact Information

  • Health Screening

  • Previous Experience

  • Current Dance Goals

  • Availability

  • Video Technical Analysis

Be prepared to submit 1-2 short videos of various technical skills.

training sessions with Kendall application form
Feel the difference in your dance technique!

Listen to Aaliyah's story below:

Are you ready to get stronger?
What to Expect During Your Sessions:

All 1:1 training clients will experience the 4-step training process. Read more about each phase below:

The BodyKinect Training Blueprint

Foundational Skills

  • Initial movement assessment

  • Correct muscular imbalances

  • Improve body awareness

Physical Progression

  • Gain muscular endurance & strength

  • Improve flexibility

  • Increase exercise difficulty and resistance

Technical Efficiency

  • Apply the skills to dance technique such as turns, jumps, etc. 

  • Start feeling a difference in your dancing

Continuous Improvement

  • Adapt training to meet your body's needs

  • Improve new skills

  • Maintain progress and growth

Join the hundreds of other dancers who have trained with Kendall!
  • Do I need access to a gym for these plans?
    Nope! All training plans can be completed entirely at home. However, you do need some equipment. The required equipment for both programs includes resistance bands, yoga blocks (or books/stools), a chair, and space to move. Optional equipment includes dumbbells and kettlebells.
  • My schedule changes every week. What if I can't do the workouts?
    That's okay! After you complete a workout, you'll get access to the next workout. Once you log a workout, you will have access to it for as long as you stay in the training plan. You can always go back and repeat a workout or keep it for future reference.
  • Will a training plan like this actually help me get better at technique?
    Absolutely. We've trained dancers with these workouts for years, and they can truly feel a difference in their technique during class AND their efforts are rewarded with higher scores at dance competitions. Keep scrolling further on this page to read what others have to say about our training!
  • Are there any live classes in the course?
    The workouts are not live, but you do have the option to contact Kendall via email or in-app messaging for direct feedback on your dance technique or exercises.
  • What equipment do I need?
    Resistance bands Light/Medium/Heavy Dumbbells or Kettlebells (optional) Yoga block or small book Chair or bench Floor space or a yoga mat
  • Can international dancers join?
    Absolutely! We take credit or debit cards. If you do not have a debit or credit card, please email Kendall at to learn about other options.
  • I'm a teacher. Can I use these plans with a group of students?
    Absolutely! We offer a studio flat rate for monthly enrollment and use of the programs for an unlimited number of students to have their own accounts in the portal/app. Please email to schedule a call.
I can't wait to work with you!

Have another question? Click here to email Kendall.

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