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Online Training Plans

Make your dance technique feel
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Ready to feel more confident in class and on stage?

For dancers of all ages who need consistency in their dance technique, BodyKinect's 12-week training plans are designed specifically for improving your turns or leaps and give you the elite training that you need from certified personal dance trainer, Kendall Baab, MSc.

As a dancer, your schedule is probably super busy. Maybe you've been practicing your tricks over & over again, and you STILL can't get it perfect.


That's where strength training enters the game. You can improve these skills for the long haul when you commit to consistent strength training NOW. 

BodyKinect's online training plans are designed to help you improve your skills with minimal equipment on your own schedule. 

In these programs you will...

Increase your strength

Increase your flexibility

Improve your technique

Meet Your Trainer

As a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and health coach, Kendall brings a holistic approach to dancers' wellbeing and training. Having earned a BA in Dance Science and MSc in Dance Science, her well-rounded knowledge allows her to create training sessions that focus on the whole dancer - mentally and physically. 

Her background in competitive dance and dance science allows her to analyze dance technique and identify potential strengths and weakness in the body. Kendall's 1:1 training sessions include full body workouts with a direct application to specific dance technique such as turns, jumps, or leg extensions. Her mission is not only to help you become a better dancer, but also to improve your body awareness and confidence.



Boost Your Jumps

A 12-week online training plan to help you gain strength and power in the lower body & improve your jump height.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Price: $150 USD total or 3 monthly payments of $50 USD



All About Turns

A 12-week online training plan to transform your turns and help you gain strength and improve balance.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Price: $150 USD total or 3 monthly payments of $50 USD



Sky-High Extensions

A 12-week online training plan that focuses on strength and flexibility for higher leg extensions.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Price: $150 USD total or 3 monthly payments of $50 USD

Plan options

What's Included?

2 workouts per week (30-45 min each)

Compatibility with resistance band or dumbbells

Videos and tips for each exercise

Access to the BodyKinect app for easy workout logging

Direct application to your dance technique

Lifetime access to the content upon completion of full payment

Download the BodyKinect App Once You've Enrolled!

Once you enroll in a virtual program, you'll get access to our online portal AND our new BodyKinect app!


With this app, you can log your workouts from anywhere in the world. View your workouts, track your progress, and get the most out of your program.


Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Get started today!

All training plans are $150 USD. You can either pay in full or do a monthly payment plan of $50 USD.

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