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Studio Master Classes with Kendall

virtual and in-person

Understand body alignment

Discover your strengths

Improve your technique

Help your students understand the connection between strength training and dance technique.
Kendall Baab posing with a group of dancers after our strength and conditioning master class
Tired of giving the same corrections over & over again?
This can be frustrating as an educator.

Something's not clicking with your dancers. Strength training will help them understand their body alignment, feel their muscles contract, and understand how this kind of training can help them enhance their dance technique.

Meet The Trainer

As a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and health coach, Kendall brings a holistic approach to dancers' wellbeing and training. Her classes include full body workouts with a direct application to specific dance technique such as turns, jumps, or leg extensions.

She has experience teaching in various dance settings such as schools and studios as well a range of dance styles including jazz, ballet, contemporary, modern, and musical theatre.

Kendall Baab, dance science educator

Kendall focused on strengthening certain muscle groups that I never had before, which improved my overall dance abilities. She showed me how my body works and gave me great, and new exercises to do it. I would 100% recommended Kendall for any age of dancer at any skill level. 

Kate Brownlow, Dancer

Take your dancers' technique to the next level. 
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Kendall teaches all around the USA
map of the United States where Kendall has trained dancers all over the country
Plus international virtual classes!
Get a sneak peek into some of her past classes:
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