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Meet Kendall

Owner & Founder of BodyKinect

Kendall is a personal trainer for dancers and dance science educator located in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up as a competitive studio dancer and Texas high school drill team member of the Southlake Carroll Emerald Belles Dance/Drill Team in Southlake, TX. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance Science from California State University Long Beach where she trained in ballet and modern dance, and a Master of Science degree in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK where she completed dance science research involving perfectionism and self-efficacy in online dance classes and trained in contemporary dance.


Kendall is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a BASI Certified Pilates Instructor with a dance specialization. She is also a Certified Health Coach through Dr. Sears' Wellness Institute. Kendall works with dancers all over the United States on strength, conditioning, and flexibility to enhance performance and prevent injury.

Kendall Baab, CEO of BodyKinect

Our Vision

Kendall created BodyKinect to allow for accessible dance science education for dancers and dance educators. With her continued involvement in the dance community today, it becomes more evident that this type of education is necessary for future and current dancers to sustain a career in dance and learn more about their bodies.

BodyKinect’s vision is to empower dancers with dance science education to promote their overall wellbeing and performance while providing safe and effective training.


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