Here you will find a list of resources dedicated to more dance science from Kendall.

Podcast Interviews


Kendall discusses her experience training younger dancers.

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Social Bamboo

Kendall discusses her use of Instagram reels for gaining over 13k followers on the platform.

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Feis Fit

Kendall busts several myths about flexibility training. 

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DSO Connect

Kendall discusses integrating strength training in the dance studio and how she works with studio owners to begin this process.

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Movement Guidance

Kendall discusses dance technique and her experience with personal training including periodization and the top 3 myths of dance training. 

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MSc Dissertation

"An Investigation into the Relationships Between Perfectionism and Self-Efficacy for Learning During Online Dance Classes"

This open-access publication was written by Kendall Baab for her MSc Dance Science dissertation at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Click here to read Kendall's full dissertation.

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Guest Blog Post

"Why You Should Be Using Anatomy in Your Teaching"

In an article published by the National Dance Education Organization, Kendall writes about the benefits of using anatomy in your dance teaching and how it has helped her become a better educator.

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news articles

Kendall holding a kettlebell in a squat position.

The Dance Post

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A woman holding a kettlebell and looking down at the floor while smiling


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