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Favorite Things about Dance Science

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Hello dancers, parents, and educators!

It's Kendall. Happy December, and welcome to our new blog post for this month.

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite things about dance science and why it's SO important. First of all, what is dance science, again? Let's review:

"Dance science includes a multitude of disciplines related to dance training and performance. Dance science researchers focus on optimizing dance performance via physiology, biomechanics, fitness, psychology, and nutrition. In addition, dance science can include the health and wellbeing of dancers from a holistic perspective. Without dance science, dancers would not have the understanding of their bodies, training principles, safety, or impact of dance on their bodies and minds. Dance science is a fast-growing field of research committed to helping dancers around the world."

The best part about dance science is the continuous new research that is being conducted to help dancers of all ages, genders, sizes, and genres ALL over the world!

As a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, I work with dancers 1:1 to help them achieve goals related to strength, flexibility, technique, etc. One of my favorite things is seeing my dancers progress. It's amazing what the human body can do, and it's even more amazing how much it can achieve with the right mindset, patience, and practice.

However, dance science is not just about the muscles and bones. It's about the MIND as well! Mental health is not something that the dance world openly speaks my own personal experience. Things like motivation, performance anxiety, perfectionism, and self-confidence are often hidden deep inside a dancer's body and mind until years later, it's finally set free.

Dance science aims to explore these topics and raise awareness to the struggles that many dancers may face. Not only does research bring awareness, but some research explores active ways to ameliorate the issues at hand.

If you're struggling with any mental health concerns, talk to someone- a parent, teacher, friend, or the BodyKinect Team. We are here to help you.

If you or your studio/school is interested in learning more about a dance science topic, reach out to us! We travel and do virtual workshops.

Dance science is our passion. We are committed to promoting health and wellbeing and change within the dance community. These are just a few of the many things I love about dance science...I could go on forever!

Keep Kinected,



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